VGL Industries Inc. is a pioneer in Philippine third party logistics having serviced both Filipino and major multinational companies for the past 42 years. VGLII’s tried and tested contract Regional Distribution Center model has time and again shown that it outperforms other distribution setups in getting the right product to the retail trade at the right time, and at the right cost. The success and longevity of VGLII’s RDC model can be attributed to the various expertises it has gained along the way.

Four decades of professional logistic service within the Vis-Min regions has given VGLII the lead in mastering the culture of the trade.

This trade knowledge combined with qualified and trained staff ensures that delivery best practices and quality customer service are never sacrificed, even when serving the most challenging or most remote outlets.

The willingness and ability to adapt to both the ever changing standards of the logistics industry and the growing demands of the retail trade has kept the VGLII RDC model relevant to the success of its clients.

By continuously improving its overall services through planned and balanced investments in its facilities, processes and human resources, VGLII has managed to carve out a growing niche within the logistic market.

The ability to consistently penetrate all areas of the logistically challenged Visayas and Mindanao regions within standard delivery lead times gives VGLII’s clients the advantage of quickly fulfilling the stock requirements of the trade. Many customer display shelves have been left empty for days due to either the consolidation of orders at a national distribution center or because of various issues with the local distributor. In contrast, all of VGLII’s clients experience the benefits of always having their inventories within immediate striking distance from the trade, which has proven to be an essential factor in their sales and market growth.

From its very humble beginnings in 1968 when VGLava & Co. started servicing Negros island, it has since then grown to own all of its 40 plus delivery vehicles and seven of its eleven storage facilities spread across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. VGLII has also spawned a mix of diversified and self-sustaining business units that have steadily contributed to the growth of the VGL Group of Companies.

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